Tell Your Story

Welcome to Naked Truth: Contribute. Do you have a story to share? We want to hear it. You can record your story here.  Your recording may be featured on the Naked Truth web site and may even win you an invite to tell a story at a Naked Truth live performance.  Click on the “Tell Your Story” button to the right and tell your story.


General tips:

Story submissions can be up to five  minutes long.

We are looking for first person, true stories.  The story should be about something that happened to you.

Speak clearly and with good volume.

Run into trouble? Leave your story as a voicemail message: 415-389-4292 ex.4746 or upload a video to Youtube and email the link to

Storytelling tips:

  • Stories should be told, not read or acted.
  • Ask yourself these questions.  If you’re not sure about the answers, you may want to rethink your story.
    • “Why is this story important?”
    • “Why would someone want to listen to this story?”
  • Know your last line.
  • Steer clear of rants. Great stories often include the following, but we are interested in any and all submissions.
    • An interesting sequence of events which give the story momentum
    • Some narrative suspense – see Ira Glass’ videos on storytelling
    • Questions that are raised and answered by the narrative
    • Moments of personal reflection

We look forward to hearing your story.

Please note, that submitting a story does not guarantee its addition to the site, or an invite to tell a story at Naked Truth.  Stories are evaluated by a panel and those meeting the criteria for a compelling story will be contacted.