Nathaniel Eaton

When you’re a cub reporter writing travel stories for a tabloid, there’s nothing better than finding yourself paired with a journalist from National Geographic. Nathaniel Eaton ended up in just that situation when he was working at the New York Post. So why was he so frustrated.

Well, that was mainly because his trip to Argentina was a manicured, defanged tour through ‘70s Argentina. He and Julian (the National Geographic writer) were shuffled through Patagonia by handlers and government officials, hoping for a fluff piece about the wonders of Argentina vacations, with their 4-star resorts and magnificent golf courses.

But Julian and Nathaniel got bored. Then, they had a few drinks. So they ditched their handlers and set out to find their own fun. And what started as a friendly, harmless trek through Argentina suddenly becomes something much, much more frightening.

Nathaniel is a Moth main stager and senior editor of En Fuego Magazine. He is also a contributing columnist for SF Weekly, and a travel writer for the New York Post. His play, Dream at the End of the World, is published worldwide by Samuel French. Currently he is teaching storytelling with Dave Eggers at 826 Valencia and working on his first book, Packing for the Apocalypse.