Matteson Perry

Alaska is a part of America but it’s apart from America. It’s a place where people go to hide from the whatever haunted them in the greater 48, where everyone has a rugged job, chopping trees or wrestling elk, where everyone, yes everyone, has a beard.

That’s barely hyperbole.

The thing is, there aren’t many women in Alaska. Matteson Perry found that out during his summer there. During his talk at during our Breaking the Rules night, he shares what it’s like to find the one attractive woman left in Alaska and what it’s like to be her non-sexual boyfriend.

Matteson Perry is a writer, performer, five-time Moth StorySlam winner and two-time Moth GrandSlam champion. His work has been featured on McSweeney’s, College Humor, and the Risk! storytelling podcast. For more information visit and follow him on twitter @mattesonperry.