Marcus Byruck

For most of us, the term “memory loss” brings to mind Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or even a tired twist in some daytime drama peopled by impossibly handsome actors. Marcus Byruck’s memory loss is not caused by any of those culprits and it’s a fact of his daily life. His doctors are not exactly sure what caused it—and neither is Marcus—but that’s not really the point. Finding the cause, as he says, is a booby prize. Learning to live with it, learning to cope: that’s what matters most.

Marcus’s story is a truly fascinating look at what it’s like to struggle with a very unusual type of memory loss.  He describes how long his memories linger and how difficult it is to for him to reminisce and tell stories, how he has to memorize things that happened to him, like his past is a collection of poems he wants to remember. This unique talk ultimately inspires us to look at what it’s like to have to live only in the present.

Marcus Byruck recently emigrated from fifteen years of hard labor in Cambridge, Mass, and he and his wife Sara are happily back in the Bay area, and Mill Valley in particular.  He has long retired from a career as a pioneer years ago in the development and translation of computer languages. He writes a great deal of biographical stories for personal pleasure. He recently took the Naked Truth workshop at the library, but this is his first time telling a story in public.