Kat Evasco

There are two types of Filipino mothers, says Kat Evasco: the kind with no emotions and the kind with too many. Kat’s mother belongs squarely in that latter group.

So when she finally came out to her mom, well, Kat knew what to expect: a series of dramatic pronouncements, enthusiastic outbursts, and what-did-I-do-wrong handwringing. She got all of the above. But the big question remains. Why did Kat’s mother go through that impassioned rigmarole if she herself were gay? Or, to be fair, “questioning.” “Questioning” even while buying a home and sharing a bed with another woman.

Kat Evasco is a stand up comedienne, performing artist, writer, producer, and arts administrator.  She is a comedic storyteller, delivering her jokes in a theatricalized manner and using humor to alleviate any tension a topic may bring. Kat has always felt that theater is her main love, and stand up comedy is her mistress.  Now, she is experiencing a menage a trois, aiming to perfect the art of stand-up theater.  Visit her at katevasco.com/