Kari Kiernan

Kari Kiernan has never liked getting away with things. She didn’t take convenience store candy as a child or pocket Scrabble tiles as an adult. But in her 20’s, she wondered if she just might be able to get away with one rather big thing: living in Paris.

Her French was not particularly fluent, but she figured she was young and it would be exciting and, frankly, why not? She played at being an English tutor and a femme fatale, neither of which were all that successful, and five months in, she decided that her adventure had probably run it’s course. There was just the problem of, well, paying her phone bill.

And thus begins a preposterous odyssey, wherein one young woman tries against all odds to actually make good on a debt. You’ll be surprised how difficult it can be to pay a phone company for phone service.

Kari’s work appears both in print and onstage. She lives in San Francisco where, possibly illegally, she has neither a bicycle nor a dog. For more Kari, visit her blog at withraisins.blogspot.com