Josh Healey

“This is a story about the first time I ever helped an 86-year old with her medication.”

That’s how Josh Healey’s story for our Missed Connections show begins. The 86-year old in question is his grandmother-in-law, Grandma Phillis, a woman who will take you to a Southern Baptist service in the morning, then argue liberal politics with you at lunch. And yes, she really is that lovely.

That said, this is hard story to tease without spoiling too much of it, but it’s funny, heartwarming, and truly one of our favorites thus far.

Josh Healy, Occupy activist, writer, community organizer, arts educator, and comedic powerhouse. A cultural activist, Josh has shared stages and picket lines with Amiri Baraka, Naomi Klein, and Flavor Flav — before the reality show.