Joe Klocek

Joe Klocek likes being a comedian. While most people make jokes for free, Joe makes jokes for money, and he’s grateful that everything’s worked out the way it has. But, like being a trucker or the bass player in some sad little indie band, being a comedian means you end up in places you’d never end up if you weren’t getting paid.

Like, say, Redding California.

Joe’s story involves a comedy club called “Johnny’s Cathouse,” a bar originally slated to be a sort of fugazi Coyote Ugly. It’s the sort of place where the owner wears his name on his belt buckle. It’s the sort of place that flies a Confederate flag above the stage. It’s the sort of place where the owner begs you, whatever you do, not to make fun of the Confederate flag during your set.

And that’s when Joe went too far.

Joe Klocek is the co-founder of the popular storytelling series “Previously Secret Information” and was recently named “Best Comedian” 2011 by SF Weekly. He has appeared on NBC’s, “Last Comic Standing” and was the commentator for the Emmy award-winning documentary, “A Bridge so Far”. Joe has performed at every major comedy club in the country including Alaska.