Jenny Coyle

Jenny Coyle’s family has a history of cancer. Her mother had pancreatic cancer, her sister breast cancer. So when she felt what she described as a “raisin” in one of her breasts, she wasn’t shocked or particularly surprised. She fought the disease first with a biopsy, then, when it came it, a full mastectomy.

But Jenny didn’t pity herself or mope, wondering at the reasons or the purpose of it all. She got healthy, ran a marathon, swam from Alcatraz. She decided to laugh instead of cry and realized that if she lost her job, she could get a new one at Hooter.

Her talk is inspiring, charming, and legitimately funny. Her play on the theme of “Masquerade” is that she has not one prosthetic breast, but three, each named after their specific purpose in her daily routine. And, like a cell phone or a set of spare keys, she’s been known to leave a boob, here and there, on occasion.