Jack Boulware

The life of a freelance journalist is rarely a life luxury. You’re not drinking fine wine from crystalware or getting your tuxedo tailored or fussing over a smudge on your faberge egg. But, if you’re enterprising enough, you might just get to drive a red sports car for three days straight.

That’s exactly what happened to Jack Boulware when he was asked to write an obituarary on Ferdinand Porsche, a man famous for the invention of his eponymous roadster. From the moment the 911 was dropped off at his studio apartment in the Western Addition, Jack discovered how little time it really takes to become what you drive.

Jack is the executive director and co-founder of San Francisco’s premier literary festival, Litquake. His books include Gimme Something Better, an oral history of the Bay Area punk scene and Sex, American Style. Jack has also written for the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, Playboy and Mojo.