Welcome to Naked Truth: Create. The Library is offering a set of digital and live storytelling workshops open to the public. Participants will share personal tales, enhancing them either via digitized images and sound or through learning how to tell a riveting story live and keep listeners hanging on every word.


Storytelling Series

Join talented storytelling expert Cici Woo for one or all of these exciting classes to help hone your storytelling skills.

Live Storytelling Basics

Live Storytelling Basics will cover everything you need to know to craft a spoken personal story.  Wednesday, June 10th, 7:00pm  COMPLETE

Storytelling Techniques for Engaging Audiences

Define the storyteller’s role based on the audience; refine the story to optimize the impact.  Wednesday, June 17th, 7:00pm  COMPLETE

Storytelling for Personal Branding

Storytelling for Personal Branding will help you learn how to share who you are in a memorable sound bite. Wednesday, June 24th, 7:00pm COMPLETE

The Power of Story for Entrepreneurs

How to craft personal stories to create and strengthen connection for startups.  Tuesday, June 30th, 7:00 PM  COMPLETE


Storycorps – The App

Record your story and have it archived in the Library of Congress.  Library staff will guide you and a partner on how to use the new Storycorps App to find and share your most compelling stories.  Come with a friend or relative or on your own. 

Note: you must have an iphone, ipad, or smartphone to download the app. If you don’t, please contact the library and we can make arrangements.


Sunday, July 19th  at 2PM

Registration required.  Click here to register.


Call 415-389-4294 ex. 3 to Register



Digital Storytelling Deconstructed

In this three-part series, you will focus on the building blocks of creating a powerful digital story.   REGISTER HERE

Photography:  Learn  to capture a powerful moment with a camera lens from an award winning photojournalist.  After this session, you can use the techniques to take  photos for your digital story.  Or, you may already have photos in mind that you will now be able to examine with critical eye.
Sat. 3/07/15 2-4 PM

Story Development: In this session you will learn to find, structure and write your story. You will listen to examples of good stories and examine what makes them compelling. Instructors will share storytelling methods developed by the Center for Digital Storytelling, as well as secret storytelling formulas employed by This American Life and Serial staff.
Sat. 3/14/15 2-5 PM

iMovie: Learn how to create a movie using iMovie. Class will cover the iMovie workspace, how to edit video footage, how to incorporate still images, how add voiceover narration, music and sound effects, how to pan and zoom, how to add titles and how to export your movie to share with others.
Sat. 3/21/15 2-5 PM

Photography Instructor: Penni Gladstone is an award winning photojournalist, and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice. She has worked as a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury, and the San Francsico Chronicle. Her job has sent her to the jungles of Guatamala, to the street gangs of Oakland, Ca. and to photograph the President of the United States.

Imovie Instructor: Lynne Watenpaugh has been a public school teacher for over twenty years. During her career she has taught both children and adults. She currently teaches technology classes at Mill Valley Middle School. She sees technology as a tool to manipulate in order to express one’s ideas. She has an undergraduate degree in English from UCLA, a Master Degree in Instructional Technology from San Francisco State University, is a California Writing Project Fellow, and a Google Certified Teacher.

*Please only register if you can attend all three sessions.


Live Storytelling Workshop

The ability to tell a powerful story is held by few and coveted by many. If you are part of the latter, here is your chance to change positions. Kari Kiernan, master storyteller and Naked Truth favorite, will help you find your story and teach you how to tell it so people will want to listen.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 from 6-9 – COMPLETE

Workshop Moderator Bio: Kari has told stories throughout the Bay Area and is a vet of San Francisco’s famed Porchlight series. Her work appears both in print and onstage. Kari was born and raised in Mill Valley and now lives in San Francisco where, possibly illegally, she has neither a bicycle nor a dog.




The ability to tell a powerful story is held by few and coveted by many. If you are part of the latter, here is your chance to change positions.  Josh Healey, master storyteller and the host of the Library’s Naked Truth live events will help you find your story and teach you how to tell it so people will want to listen.  

  • Wednesday, June 25th from 6-9 COMPLETE
  • Tuesday, July 8th from 6-9 COMPLETE

Space is limited, so please only register for one session. Priority given to new participants.   Call 415-389-4292 ex. 3 to register.

Workshop Moderator Bio: 
Josh Healey is an award-winning writer, performer, and creative activist. Fusing his distinct storytelling style with subversive humor and a fiery love for justice, Healey has been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and is a regular performer on NPR’s Snap Judgment. Visit his website at



Powerhouse raconteur Dhaya Lakshminarayanan will impart her storytelling wisdom and guide workshop participants in crafting and telling their own stories. Check out Dhaya’s fabulous performance at Naked Truth on our Stories page.

Josh Healey will not be leading workshops due to  an unexpected scheduling conflict. 

Space is limited, so please only register for one session. Please do not register if you have already taken a live storytelling workshop at the Library. 

Thursdays in March, 6 PM-9PM

  • Session 1:  Thursday, March 6, 2014  COMPLETE
  • Session 3: Thursday, March 20, 2014 COMPLETE
  • Session 4: Thursday, March 27, 2014 COMPLETE

Workshop Moderator Bio:

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is a stand-up comic, storyteller, and TV host. She is a frequent storyteller on NPR’s “Snap Judgment”, has appeared on PBS’s KQED, and hosted the Emmy-award winning television series “High School Quiz Show” on PBS.  She was also just named Best Comedian of 2013 by the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Readers’ Poll.




We all have at least one or two—those old photos that capture a moment in time with piercing accuracy. Now is your chance to take that photo and turn it into a powerful digital story. Digital storytelling is the process by which people share personal tales and creative thoughts with others using a combination of digitized images, narration and music.

Explore digital storytelling through a workshop at the Library. Our Snapshot Workshop is a one day workshop in which you will create a three-to-five-minute story based on the photo of your choice.

Check out our Digital Stories page to see examples of stories created in previous sessions.

Session 2: Sunday, February 23rd, 9 AM to 5 PM COMPLETE

Session 3: Sunday, April 27th, 9 AM to 5 PM COMPLETE

Session 4: Sunday, August 24th, 9 AM to 5 PM COMPLETE

Call 415-389-4294 ex. 3 to Register



Live Storytelling Workshops

We all know them…people who can tell a riveting story and keep their listeners hanging on their every word. Here is your chance to become one of those people. A cohort of talented moderators from San Francisco’s famed Porchlight Storytelling series will guide participants in mining their lives for material. Porchlight has been on the forefront of this genre for more than 10 years. Over the course of one evening, you will learn to perform a personal story live, and may end up as a featured storyteller at a Naked Truth live performance.

Space is limited, so please only register for one session.

Tuesdays in November

6 PM-9PM

Creekside Room

All sessions are full. COMPLETE

Session 1: 11/5/13 – FULL

Session 2: 11/12/13 – FULL

Session 3: 11/19/13 – FULL

Session 4: 11/26/13 – FULL

Sean Uyehara, Alan Black will be leading Sessions 1 and 2.

Sean Uyehara, Les Milton will be leading Sessions 3 and 4.

Workshop Moderator Bios:

Sean Uyehara is a programmer at the San Francisco Film Society, where he has presented Porchlight Storytelling within the San Francisco International Film Festival. In addition to his curatorial work, Sean is a writer and performer, and has been featured several times at the Porchlight storytelling series.

 Alan Black is a writer of books, newspapers and bar napkins.  More specifically, he is a soccer columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, a soccer blogger for Huffington Post and the author of two books from Penguin Group USA – a memoir about suburban angst, Kick the Balls, and a soccer book, The Glorious World Cup.  He has earned his storytelling chops as a barman at the Edinburgh Castle and a Porchlight  veteran.

Les Milton has been writing and performing in the Bay Area for over twenty years. Besides writing, recording, and performing hours of radio theater, he has participated in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, written a sci-fi adventure novel for the whole family, and performed at SF Sketchfest for several years, as well as similar festivals in New York, Chicago, and Seattle. He has performed at the Punch Line and the Purple Onion, among many other venues where solo sketch comedy is a rare thing. His latest play, a sci-fi romantic comedy, will be sure to entertain just as soon as he fixes the typos and finds a producer.



center for digital storytelling

Standard – Digital Workshops

How often do you have the opportunity to reflect and create something meaningful in your adult life? Come explore the form of digital storytelling. The Library is extremely pleased to partner with the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley to provide an incredible opportunity to Mill Valley residents. Digital storytelling is the process by which people share personal tales and creative thoughts with others using a combination of digitized still and moving images and sound.

Space is limited so the library will be giving special consideration to participants who would be interested in volunteering to help lead digital storytelling workshops at the Library in the future. Sharing one’s completed work publicly and other requirements apply.

Click here to see examples  of digital stories from previous workshops.

Standard Workshop – A four-day session that supports participants in producing their own digital stories. Participants will design, produce and edit a three- to five-minute digital story.  You must be available to attend all four workshops.
Workshop Dates:
Tuesday, October 29th, 5-9pm
Wednesday, October 30th, 5-9pm
Saturday, November 2nd, 9-5pm
Sunday, November 3rd,  9-5pm

This workshop is full.  COMPLETE