Winter Break Film Fest and Fun!

Come to the library over Winter Break for movies, game day, and Lego play day! All events start at 2:30 p.m. FREE! All ages – no sign-up required.

elfMonday, December 23, Winter Film Fest: Elf (PG, 97 mins)
Buddy is a human, raised by Elves but when he discovers that he is not actually an elf he decides to leave the North Pole and find his biological father in this laugh-out-loud comedy.  Fresh popcorn and pillows provided, of course!

planes_ver10_xlgThursday, December 26, Winter Film Fest: Planes (PG, 91mins)
Disney’s Planes is a fun-filled adventure about a crop-dusting plane who dreams of entering an around the world race. With the help of his mentor and goofy friends he may be able to overcome his fear of heights and get good enough to fly in the race.  Fresh popcorn and pillows provided, of course!

children-playing-legoFriday, December 27, Lego Play Day.
Get in touch with your inner engineer! Free play with Legos supports creativity, problem solving, and reading skills — and it’s FUN!


MUNTeaserposter900Monday, December 30, Monsters University (G, 102 mins)
Mike and Sully are students at Monsters University in this prequel to Monsters Inc. After being expelled from the Scaring program they must rely on each other and their misfit friends in order to win the Scare Games and get back into the program. Fresh popcorn and pillows provided, of course!

Despicable-Me-2Tuesday, December 31, Despicable Me 2 (PG, 98 mins)
Gru, super villain turned super dad, is recruited by the Anti-villain League to help stop a new evil mastermind in this entertaining sequel to Despicable Me. Fresh popcorn and pillows provided, of course!


stuart-little-movie-poster-1999-1020231159Thursday, January 2, Stuart Little (PG, 84 mins)
A talking mouse named Stuart is adopted by a human family but the Little’s cat, Snowbell, is not happy about having a mouse as part of their family and plots to get rid of Stuart once and for all. Loosely based on E.B. White’s children’s novel. Fresh popcorn and pillows provided, of course!

Candy-Land-Wallpaper-candy-land-2020333-1024-768Friday, January 3, Game and Puzzle Day
Roll the dice, spin the spinner, or work a giant floor puzzle. Fun for the whole family!