Story Time FAQ

Q. Do your story times meet every week?
A. Yes, our story times run year-round. Occasionally, one of our storytellers goes on vacation and we might skip a week but we make announcements well in advance. You can always call 415-389-4292 x4 to confirm that there are no changes in the schedule. We will publish changes to story time schedules on the Library’s Facebook page as well.

Q. Do I need to call ahead and reserve a space?
A. We do not take sign-ups for these programs. Just arrive and find a spot. Attendance fluctuates at our story times.

Q. How strict are you about the age designations?
A. Not very. We encourage parents to chose the story time that best suits their child’s behavior and readiness. Some children need extra time before they can appreciate the longer stories we read in the older story times. Other children have amazing attention spans at very early ages. Please try out the story time that is closest to your child’s age, and if you feel it is not right, try another one.

Q. What if my child won’t behave or sit still?
A. We encourage you to try out our story times. We understand that kids need to wriggle and move, especially the youngest ones, and that is completely normal. If your child’s behavior becomes disruptive to others, we ask that you take your child out of the Library until he or she settles down. You can then come back to the story time or try again another day. Our experience has shown us that when parents act as good role models and set appropriate limits, most kids quickly get in the right spirit and do just fine.

Q. Can I take my stroller in the Library?
A. Feel free to bring your stroller in the Library but please leave passageways open when you park it.

Q. Where is the diaper-changing station?
A. We have diaper-changing stations in the male and female lower level bathrooms.

Q. Can I bring a snack for my child to eat during the story time?
A. Sorry, but we have to observe the Library rules of no food or drink in the Library. Breastfeeding and baby bottles are fine, but please refrain from other drinks and all food.