Pigeon, Pets, and Superpowers: New Books for Younger Readers

PigeonNeedsaBathThe Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems
The pigeon is back and PEE-YEW! He needs a bath! But he will do anything to convince you that you are completely, and utterly out of your mind. Will you fall for the pigeon’s tricks, or will there be a big splash? Caldecott honorary medalist Mo Willems writes another great story for fans who enjoy the humorous, sarcastic, and insubordinate feathery friend. Written as a direct conversation with the audience, this expressive and hilarious book is ideal for all ages, especially very young children who enjoy an enthusiastic performance.

flyguyA Pet for Fly Guy! by Tedd Arnold
Buzz is a just like any other ordinary boy with a best friend…except his friend is a fly, named Fly Guy! When Fly Guy wants a pet, Buzz helps him find the right fit. But puppies are too slobbery, frogs are too jumpy, and worms are way too slimy. Together the duo find Fly Guy’s perfect pet, in a special place they forgot to look. Tedd Arnold has received the Theodore Seuss Geisel Honors for his Fly Guy stories, and this is his Fly Guy’s first appearance in a picture book format. This charming and meaningful story about friendship is a great read-a-loud book, since the sentences are short and contain dialogue between the characters. The cartoon styled art makes the characters look friendly to young kids, who will even feel a personable connection to a housefly!

superpowersThe Day I Lost my Superpowers by Michal Escoffier, illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
This spunky girl has special superpowers that are out of this world. She can fly (when projected into air from a slide), make things disappear (like yummy cupcakes), and go invisible (when she hides under the bed in a ball). One day her superpowers fail her, and when she is down and out she discovers the superpower her mom yields! This  comical story shows how wonderful imagination is and will delight kids and parents alike. The Don Quixote state of bliss makes a person believe they can do extraordinary things, which in fact they can, in the playground of their mind. The handmade style illustrations mimic a child’s way of drawing, with crayon and imperfectly filled shading. Michael Escoffier has also written last year’s hilarious picture book The Brief Thief.

mybusMy Bus by Byron Barton
Joe is a bus driver who drives the “123” bus. He picks up one dog, two cats, then three cats, and then four cats. He takes them to their destinations, where they travel further, on planes and boats. Joe’s last stop is home sweet home. Who will get off the bus with him? This beginner picture book is a wonderful introduction to life concepts such as going somewhere, picking someone up, dropping someone off, and traveling by bus or plane. My Bus is excellent for helping kids associate nouns versus action verbs, and of course counting! Barton makes an ordinary day of taking transportation a magical and colorful adventure. The endearing art emphasizes simple shapes, and is full of bright colors accompanied with large text. This is a fabulous book for first-time listeners and first-time readers.