Monsters and Dragons and Bears, Oh My! New Books for Younger Readers

cover-HYSMD_cover HI-RESHave You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light
Have You Seen My Dragon? takes readers along on a little boy’s journey as he searches for his lost pet dragon. Each detailed pen and ink illustration features the boy in a different area of a bustling city. Is the dragon riding on a bus or maybe visiting the monkeys in the zoo? Even though the double page illustrations are mainly black and white, with the only color coming from the objects to be counted, they are still the main attraction of this book. The dragon, which can be found on each page, blends into the city background making this counting book even more interactive and fun for young readers. (ages 3-7)

CannotWaitCoverThis Monster Cannot Wait by Bethany Barton
Stewart is waiting, not very patiently, to go on a camping trip. He tries every trick he can think of to make time go by faster, like building a time machine, changing the clocks, and even trying to get the reader to turn the pages faster. With help from his best friend, Stewart realizes that focusing on his impatience is making him miss his last week of school with his friends. Silly colorful monsters illustrate the lesson that good things come to those who wait. (ages 3-6)

deedeeDee Dee and Me by Amy Schwartz
Dee Dee is the quintessential bossy older sibling who steamrolls over her younger sister Hannah and always gets her way. After Dee Dee steals her bear, turns her favorite apron into a purse, and delegates her to the role of butler, Hannah has had enough. She decides to run away and take all of her favorite things with her. But where is Brown Bear? While Hannah is looking for her bear and playing by herself, Dee Dee shows up with Brown Bear having repaired his missing eye. Hannah takes advantage of her sister’s moment of kindness to establish new rules for playing together. Through colorful, detailed illustrations, and humor, Schwartz tells a delightful story of sibling rivalry and love. (ages 4-8)

ThreeBearsBoatThree Bears in a Boat by David Soman
From the co-creator of Ladybug Girl comes a delightful story of adventure and three lovable bear cubs: Charlie, Dash, and Theo. After breaking their mother’s favorite seashell, the cubs decide to set out in their boat to find a new one instead of confessing what they have done. Their voyage takes them far away from home, past islands, over mountains, and through caves until they encounter a mighty storm that sends them back home empty-handed. On their very own beach the bears find a beautiful blue shell just like their mother’s, but are still sent off to bed with no dessert. Children and parents alike will love this tale of familial camaraderie and the beautiful watercolor illustrations. (ages 3-5)

-Sarah Beth