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Pizza & Pages Book Club: Monster

monsterA teenager’s life is turned around by one single event… Does this make him a monster? Read the award-winning book Monster by Walter Dean Meyers, then come for a lively discussion, plus pizza and dessert.

While on trial as an accomplice to a murder, sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon records his experiences in prison and in the courtroom in the form of a film script as he tries to come to terms with the course his life has taken.

Tuesday, October 14 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Advance registration required. Click here to register.

Middle School Book Club: Trash by Andy Mulligan

trashPizza & Pages Book Club

Grades 6-8 – Advance registration required

April 22, 2014 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Creekside Room, Mill Valley Public Library

Middle schoolers: read Trash by Andy Mulligan and get ready to discuss it with your fellow readers and eaters over pizza and dessert.

Click here to register!


Raphael is a dumpsite boy. He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming trash, sifting it, sorting it, breathing it, sleeping on it. Then one unlucky-lucky day, the world turns upside down. A small leather bag falls into his hands. It’s a bag of clues. It’s a bag of hope. It’s a bag that will change everything. Soon Raphael and his friends are running for their lives. Hounded by the police, it takes all their quick-thinking and fast-talking to stay ahead. As the net tightens, they uncover a dead man’s mission to put right a terrible wrong. And it’s three street-boys against the world…

Pizza & Pages Book Club

ship-breaker-paperbackTuesday, October 15, 6:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Grades 6 – 8
Read Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi on your own. This award-winning novel takes the reader to a futuristic world, where teenaged Nailer scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living. When he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl. Join your fellow readers and eaters for a lively discussion over pizza and dessert.
Call 415-389-4292 x4741 for more information or click here to register. (Creekside Room.)