Birds, Robots, and Trucks that GO!: New Books for Younger Readers

GO-GO-GO-STOP-Cover-copyGo! Go! Go! Stop! by Charise Mericle Harper
Little Green says it loud and proud at the construction site: “GO!” The bulldozer, mixer, crane and other trucks try to follow his instructions to finish making a bridge. But things get crazy when all they do is “GO, GO! GO!” A stranger in town named Little Red introduces a new word: “STOP!” Can these opposites work together to make traffic smooth? Written in short, expressive sentences, this picture book will be a hit during story time and at home. Kids who like trucks will love these happy characters with their illustrated smiley faces and cool hats, plus they will learn about traffic lights, colors, symbols, and of course, collaboration! (ages 2-5)

mapleMaple by Lori Nichols
Maple loves her maple tree. It was planted for her when she was a baby. She sings to it in summer, gives it her jacket when fall ends, and throws snowballs with it in the winter. The seasons come with changes, and spring brings the biggest change of all: a new baby in the family! Illustrated with soft earth tones and written in simple sentences, this story offers simple wisdom on transitions, new responsibilities, the joy of nature, and becoming a big sister. The homemade art gives this picture book a cozy and family oriented feeling. (ages 3-6)

Ward_MAMA_cvrMama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward
Did you know that wrens make nests in cacti and flamingos make nests out of mud? Kids will appreciate the diversity and wonder of nature as they learn about these “avian architects.” Caregivers can easily turn this book into a fun sing-a-long with the rhythmic and repetitive rhyming style. Digital and collage styled art fill the pages and are accurate depictions of each bird species in their natural environment. This is a fabulous book for our future wildlife and bird hobbyists! Fascinating and sometimes advanced facts on the side will captivate adult readers’ attentions, as well as a growing audience. This picture book will appeal to Eric Carle and Animal Planet fans alike. (ages 4-8)

Michael_Austin__JunkyardJunkyard by Mike Austin
What happens when two robot machines stumble upon a bunch of junk? They clean it up! How do they clean it? They EAT it! These robots munch on rusty old school buses and slurp up stinky goop with a big smile on their face. But the day doesn’t end there. Watch as these junkyard robots build a garden and fun space so that they can do what they do even better than cleaning: Play! Illustrated digitally, this vibrant book is friendly to young children, where even the junkyard looks like a messy rainbow. Each page consists of a four-line stanza that rhymes, making Junkyard a fun story to read aloud. (ages 4-8)