Bears, Babies, and Bedtime Monsters – New Books for Younger Readers

kids_bearsongbook_300The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud

Papa Bear and Little Bear should be hibernating but Little Bear only has honey on his mind. When Little Bear hears a bee’s buzz he follows it out of the cave, through the forest, and into the city in pursuit of delicious honey. Papa Bear wakes and realizes Little Bear is missing! He chases Little Bear through bustling city streets and a Parisian opera house before winding up on stage in front of a startled audience. Will Papa Bear find Baby Bear? This charming oversized picture book features detailed ink and watercolor illustrations that entice kids to play I Spy with Little Bear and the bee. (ages 3-5)

hillenbrand offOff We Go! A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand

Bear and Mole are back! In this adventure Bear and Mole are about to set out to the Storymobile to return their books when Mole decides he is ready to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. After removing the training wheels, checking the bike, packing his book bag, and putting on his gear Mole is ready. He gets off to a bumpy start and it takes a little encouragement from Bear for him to keep trying. Mole’s first ride is full of near misses, but with the help of Bear he has a triumphant ending. Expressive characters and lots of action make this a great addition to the Bear and Mole series. It will serve as inspiration for many future bike riders.  (ages 3-6)

book-of-babiesA Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

From the author of Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit and A Book of Sleep comes a perfect book for spring. A father duck leaves his nest and newly hatched ducklings to visit other baby animals in A Book of Babies. Very young readers will learn about the characteristics that make each baby animal different: some have siblings, some are alone, some can walk, some must be carried, some have fur, and some have scales. Children will enjoy looking for the duck on every page and supplying the names of all the different baby animals. Pleasant illustrations and a soothing tone make this a great read aloud at bedtime.

bedtimeBedtime Monsters by Josh Schneider

Arnold likes to pretend he is a monster during the day, but when it comes time for bed he’s scared that a real monster will come and bite off his toes! When the light goes out none other than the terrible toe biter crawls onto Arnold’s bed. With his mother’s advice in his head Arnold asks, “Are you just as scared of me as I am of you?” But the terrible toe biter isn’t scared of a little boy; he is scared of the horrible tooth gnasher. One monster after another crawls into Arnold’s bed for safety from another monster until they realize that the most terrible monster of all is already in the bed, an Arnold monster! In scariness terms, the monsters in this book are mild and a little silly. Reminiscent of Mercer Mayer’s There’s a Nightmare in My Closet, this is another good read aloud for helping children face their nighttime fears. (ages 4-8)

-Sarah Beth