Animals Aplenty: New Books for Younger Readers

superwormSuperworm by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Picture book masters Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are back. With this new story, they present the tale of the super-long, super-strong, and ever-ready Superworm. Watch him wiggle! See him squirm! All the insects and small creatures of the woods know they can depend on the fantastic strength, astounding length, and generous heart of Superworm to save them when they’re in trouble. But when the dastardly Wizard Lizard hatches a plan to kidnap Superworm and use him for his own nefarious deeds, who will come to Superworm’s aid? (ages 4-8)

The-Long,-Long-Journey-JacketThe Long, Long Journey: The Godwit’s Amazing Migration by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Mia Posada
This is a beautifully illustrated, simply told story of the godwits, long-billed birds who make an astounding annual migration from Alaska to New Zealand — more than 7,000 miles — without stopping. As the story begins, a baby godwit chick cracks free from her egg. She grows from a fluffy down ball to a hopping, flapping bird. And then, “for the first time, she does what godwits do best. She flies.” Follow along as she joins the migration through the sky; Posada’s illustrations of the birds in flight are stirring and wondrous to behold. As the birds swoop down to the sandy beach of their final destination, it’s almost impossible not to feel a shiver of thrills. (ages 6-9)

Memoirs_of_a_HamsterMemoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Tim Bowers
Seymour the hamster has it made. He’s got a bowl full of seeds, a pile of wood shavings, and room to run. Life is good, even if the little girl in the house gives him sloppy, wet kisses on the nose. Yuck! (She makes it up with yogurt drops.) However, Pearl the cat keeps coming by. Pearl keeps saying things about how much better it is outside Seymour’s glass cage. Soon, Pearl convinces Seymour to make a wild escape to this promised world. However, things don’t go as planned — and Pearl is suddenly showing a very different kind of interest in our little hamster hero. Follow along with Seymour’s memoirs as he recounts his amusing and heart-thumping adventure. And then check out Scillian’s equally hilarious Memoirs of a Goldfish. (ages 5-8)

water in the park coverWater in the Park: A Book About Water & the Times of the Day by Emily Jenkins, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
Good morning, park! As the sun rises, the first visitors of the day wander into the park. Dogs bound toward the pond, followed by their humans, cradling to-go coffee cups. Soon, the babies arrive with their caregivers, who lift them to sip from the water fountains. As the day passes, all kinds of people use the park and its water. With sensitive and realistic drawings, Water in the Park traces one day in the life of a well-loved playground. This is a lovely read for any child who adores the playground, as well as a preschool class learning about water or the passage of time.