2016 Adult Reading Challenge: Award Winners, Worthy or Not?

awards_web_squareWhat’s with all the hype? Are literary awards truly a mark of excellent writing? This year, you get to decide. Challenge yourself to reading 24 books from different literary awards. Who knows what gems you’ll find! During the challenge, you’ll vote on whether or not you think the books deserve their literary accolades. Each book you vote on earns you a chance to win one of two experiential grand prizes: a Marin Theater Company experience or a culinary experience (dinner for two) at an illustrious Marin Restaurant. You’ll also have the option to play your own Tournament of Favorites book bracket!

Find a list of the literary awards here (with links to the list of winners!)

Here’s what you need to know:

The Challenge: Read recipients of 24 different literary awards.

Dates: January 25th 2016 – December 30th 2016.

Open to: Adults and high school students.

How it works:

  1. Register at the reference desk or online here.
  2. Pick up your reading log from the reference desk and start reading!  As long as the book has won a literary award, it counts. Feel free to read in any format you’d like: book, ebook, or audiobook.
  3. Each time you finish an award-winner, bring your log to the library and fill out a short card voting on whether or not you think the book deserved the award. We’ll give you one raffle ticket per card.
  4. Join our Tournament of Favorites book bracket–pick up a chart from the reference desk and track your favorite award-winners.
  5. In early January, we’ll hold our grand raffle and let you know which literary award received the most votes for merited winners. We’ll also share a list of our participant’s favorite books from the challenge.


Each grand prize will be raffled off separately. With each ticket you receive from the reference desk, you get to choose which raffle(s) to enter. Should your name be drawn for more than one grand prize, you will be given your choice to keep one; the other prize be raffled off.

Grand Prize #1: Gift certificate to Marin Theater Company

See an award-winning play or a brand-new debut at the phenomenal Marin Theater Company—always guaranteed to please! The winner of this prize receives a gift certificate to MTC for a series of memorable theater-going experiences. Value: $150.

Grand Prize #2: Dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice

Enjoy dinner for two at your choice of one of the following fine dining establishments: Picco, Buckeye Roadhouse, Sushi Ran, or Scoma’s. Winner’s choice! Take your significant other, your kid, your best friend, or a complete stranger and make it a wonderful night of delicious food and good conversation.